Newborn Class

   Ease the transition into parenthood.

Designed to give you the knowledge and empower you to care for your newborn baby. Parents will feel better prepared upon learning updated, evidence based information, while being encouraged to discover their own natural inclinations and responses to their babies.  



  • When: Dates listed below

  • How much: $80 +GST/couple

  • Where: 206-83 SHERBROOK ST, Winnipeg

  • Who: Anyone 12+ weeks pregnant

    *Refund Policy* If you need to cancel the class please contact us. There will be a $20 admin fee.

Private classes are also available, please contact us to book privately. 


Topics covered:

What a Healthy Newborn looks like, their Behaviors, and Instincts.

Hello Baby! Who are You?

  • Tips on how to get to know YOUR baby

  • Newborn States of Arousal

  • Soothing your baby

  • Baby Temperaments

The Importance of Babies being Skin to Skin with their Moms; Plus Bonding Tips for Partners

Breastfeeding Essentials & How to Troubleshoot Difficulties
(For the Fundamentals of Breastfeeding class click here.)


  • Beliefs & Expectations e.g. Can Newborns Really Sleep Through the Night?

  • Required Room Sharing

  • Crib, Bassinet, Co-Sleeper, or Bed Sharing. What’s right for you?

  • Infant Sleep Patterns vs Parental Sleep Patterns

  • Sleep Safety and SIDS Prevention. Including the “How To’s” of Safe Bed Sharing.

Babies Overall Skin Care; Cord Care, Bathing, Diapering, Rashes and/or Skin Irritations.

Attachment & Attunement; Baby Wearing, Holding, and Play.

  • E.g. How much tummy time does my baby need? Do babies really cry less when held more?

  • Parenting Styles & Trends

The Nuts & Bolts on How Life Changes with a Baby

  • Coping with Family Adjustment and Relationships

  • The value of making a Postpartum Plan

  • For a more thorough look at the Postpartum Period see our NEW class called The Truth about Postpartum


“Great range of topics, respectful of individual thoughts/feelings/attitudes, non judgmental. It was great, exceeded expectations and will recommend to friends! Thank you.”
“Very open and respectful of multiple approaches, experiences and values about birth. Thank for taking me on this father’s so important journey. The class totally welcomed me and I felt an important part of the whole 6 week process.”