Postpartum Doula FAQs

Is there a minimum number of hours a postpartum doula will work?

Our postpartum doulas work for a minimum of 3 hours on the days you want them to come in. We have found through experience that less time doesn't really allow for us to do much at all.

What does a postpartum doula do?

Postpartum doulas are skilled and knowledgeable about the care and development of infants as well as maternal recovery and adjustment. We provide non-judgemental guidance on newborn care and feeding, assist the mother with physical and emotional recovery, care for baby so mother can care for herself, and provide practical household assistance.

What don't they do?

Postpartum doulas do not provide medical services, treatments, or diagnosis for mother or baby, nor do we provide heavy housekeeping.

Postpartum doulas do offer normal* breastfeeding support to you if you require it. They can also assist with other aspects of breastfeeding such as pumping. *Please be aware that some breastfeeding issues may require more specialized help from a Lactation Consultant.

Do they help with breastfeeding?

What kind of training does a postpartum doula have?

Postpartum doulas can have many kinds of training these may include; breastfeeding trainings, and a doula training from DONA or CAPPA. In addition they may have early childhood development, massage, counselling, and other related trainings that add to their repertoire.

Whereas a nanny cares only for your children, a postpartum doula cares for both mom and baby in the tender and sometimes trying time following birth. This means that along with helping you become the best parents for your baby, your doula is also knowledgeable about a mother’s special needs in the postpartum period and is able to facilitate a smooth emotional and physical transition to motherhood. As well, postpartum doulas are trained in the art of breastfeeding and provide the help or encouragement you need.

How is a postpartum doula different from a nanny?

Postpartum doula can begin care once you are ready to have her come to your home and that may be within days after the birth. We generally spend 1- 5days a week with your family for a minimum of 3 hours each day. We have worked with families for anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. We do find that beyond 6 months that most clients then require more of a nanny service.

When does a postpartum doula start working for me and for how long?

Sometimes a postpartum doula can do evenings or weekends. This is very dependent on the doula and her schedule. If this is something you know you will require from the beginning let us know so that we can try to accommodate you. With enough notice we can accommodate most scheduling requests. Overnights are also available for an additional fee.

Do postpartum doulas work evenings or weekends?

Yes a postpartum doula can also help with other children while you care for your newborn. We can make snacks or play a game.

Will she help me look after my older children as well?