Basics of Care: 

Postpartum Doula Services Include: 



If you need to take a moment for yourself your doula can assist with the baby care during this time.



You may need help with your baby or with other children.



You may need time to take care of specific tasks that only you can do, or you may want to devote some time to be with other children. We can’t magically add hours to the day, but we can care for baby when you need to take some time to do these very special tasks.


Light Housework 

Your doula can help with all of those daily chores that pile up after the birth of a child. Dishes, baby laundry and other light housework.


Meal Preparation

Doulas can help you with some meal prep so you are able to eat and care for your baby.


Breastfeeding Support 

Your doula can offer information and support with breastfeeding and other aspects of feeding baby.