Birth Doula Training FAQs

How do I become DONA Certified? Will I become a certified DONA International doula after doing the 4-day training? 

We have put together a detailed document outlining all the steps required (and all associated costs) to become certified as a birth doula with DONA International. Please download the document by clicking here. You might also like to check out DONA International’s newly updated comprehensive document; Birth Doula Certification: A Doula’s Guide

What kind of training is involved in becoming a doula?

Typically, folks start with a three day training, such as the one offered by DONA. However, it takes far more than a weekend workshop to actually be a doula; for us, what made the difference was attending births. We all take advantage of almost every educational opportunity that we can, so after a few years you will probably have a very impressive resume of courses and workshops under your belt. Basically, the learning never stops!

Isn’t DONA an American organization? Why would I want to have an American certification?

DONA International’s offices are based in the United States, but it a truly international organization. DONA International surpassed 10,000 certified birth and postpartum doulas since their founding in 1992, and have over 7,000 members! Their global reach to pregnant and postpartum families continues to grow with members in 50 countries. The DONA International doula certification – CD(DONA) is an internationally-recognised and highly respected certification.

 DONA International has been the leading force in terms of doula advocacy and recognition. Canadian doulas who certify with DONA International will have the support of this amazing organization as well as an international community of like-minded passionate birth workers.

DONA International is the premier doula association. With more than 7,000 birth and postpartum doula members, they are the largest doula association in the world. By offering a DONA International training, we are providing quality training and meaningful certification. DONA International certification sets the bar for doula education and professional development. It indicates to families that a doula has achieved a high level of training and professionalism.
DONA International has standards of practice and a code of conduct that doulas, hospital staff AND families can count on. Having a certified doula with an international organization lets people know you have gone through a training process and adhere to these standards of practice. There are professional standards, accountability and continuing education opportunities.

I already have doula certification from another organization. What’s the benefit of having DONA International Certification? 

I don’t have any background or training as a doula. Can I still do the DONA training?

Most definitely! No prior training or experience is required to attend the training. The 4-day training forms a part of the overall certification process (the rest is self-study and birth support experience) and you will have up to four years to complete all the required study modules. 

Traditionally, you just know. If you think you're ready, please check out some of the Employment Opportunities at Birth Roots.

When do you know you're ready after all the training?