Lactation Consultation

Gentle, jugdement-free support.

photo courtesy of flickr/David_Martin_Foto

photo courtesy of flickr/David_Martin_Foto

Lynette is an international board certified lactation consultant and registered nurse who has been working with breastfeeding families for 10 years. She is passionate about providing realistic and no-judgement help to families to achieve their breastfeeding goals. With compassion and gentleness, Lynette provides an evidence-based and judgement-free approach to helping every mother and baby. When she’s not doing home visits (and soon, office visits!), Lynette runs two Facebook breastfeeding support groups where she interacts with moms online. She also enjoys volunteering with her local Baby Blessings group, providing postpartum meals, hampers, and basic breastfeeding help to moms in her local area. When she’s not immersed in her professional passion, you will find Lynette with her other passion, her husband and 3 young children. They love spending their time walking and playing at the park.



Home Visit

1.5-2 hour consultation

After an in-depth discussion regarding pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding history, a comprehensive exam will be done on baby, including baby’s structure (body), function, mouth, and latch. Together, you and Lynette will create a care plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. A weight check is included and will be plotted on a WHO growth chart that you will keep. Included is 2 weeks of unlimited communication which you can use to ask as many questions as you need.